Sycamore Dining provides high quality affordable social dining and events to independent living communities for the elderly (sheltered housing) across Nottingham, helping prevent loneliness and social isolation. 

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Our business model is aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of the lonely and socially isolated people of Nottingham, with the elderly as our prime target. Addressing loneliness and social isolation gives people a sense of belonging and identity, promoting positive behaviours e.g. to live more healthy lives, and help them cope with pressure, stress and change.

We encourage older people to actively volunteer with our social dining events with the preparation and service of food, as volunteering is a positive way of avoiding loneliness.

We utilise the community rooms within independent living communities (sheltered housing) for our social dining events as these are ideal community hubs for both residents and the wider community.

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Funded by players of the National Lottery

Sycamore Dining CIC, registered in England, company number 11598954

Our registered address is Wood Rising, Hockerton Road, Kirklington, Newark NG22 8PB

Our operating address

Foxton Gardens, Frampton Road, Beechdale, Nottingham, NG6 3FR

Phone +44 7967 034276