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Social Dining and Luncheon Clubs

Sycamore Dining bring elderly and vulnerable people together to eat and socialise over an affordable meal.  The cafe lounge at Foxton Gardens is open Monday to Friday lunchtime serving between 12 and 1pm. Please note these need to be booked in advance and on arrival at Foxton Gardens you need to ring the Sycamore Dining bell located in the entrance.

We also supply luncheon clubs held in community rooms of independent living schemes for the elderly around Nottingham.  

Our joint challenge is to get  lonely and socially isolated people out of their homes and eating together, at a price they can afford.

Luncheon Clubs

To enable more people to experience social dining, Sycamore Dining prepare and cook meals in their Foxton Gardens kitchen, and serve them at luncheon clubs in community rooms within independent living communities for the elderly or disadvantaged. We work with Nottingham City Homes, Broxtowe Council, Housing 21 and St Peters Church, Ruddington. 

Luncheon club attendance may be restricted by local Covid-19 guidance and must be booked locally, in advance. We serve a fixed menu at each event, offering dietary needs when required.

Our social dining activities are advertised on our Luncheon Clubs page, and on Ask Lion.

Serving good quality meals at affordable prices

Sycamore Dining  kitchen is run by volunteers, who are proud of the high standards they maintain. This is demonstrated by our top food hygiene rating of 5 stars.

The food is prepared at our kitchen located in Nottingham City Homes Foxton Gardens Independent Living for the elderly community, and either served in the cafe lounge, or transported in bulk containers designed for the purpose, and served in other independent living for the elderly communities around Nottingham.

Sycamore Dining also deliver cooked meals to peoples homes and are available for other catering events.


We charge just £3.50 per meal, which comprises a cooked main course followed by a dessert. 

Supporting Scouting

Luncheon clubs and meals at home are organised by Sycamore Dining in partnership with the Scouts.

As Sycamore Dining staff and volunteers are preparing meals using surplus food, they are able to make a small surplus which is donated to the City of Nottingham Scouts.

Our Supporters
Fareshare Logo

Provide most of our food, we get a delivery every week. They also provide support with communication and information.

Nottingham City Homes logo

Providing our kitchen, support with communication, organising luncheon clubs at independent living schemes for the elderly; and providing our volunteer training.

organising luncheon clubs at independent living schemes for the elderly.

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