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Community Events

75th Nottingham Scouts at Sycamore Dinng
Training Young People

Providing food hygiene training and cooking experience for local Scout Groups, at the same time as getting supporters and parents together for a meal. We also encourage and support Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to get their World Challenge Award by finding out about the benefits we deliver to our local communities and spending some time volunteering with us, and eating with our customers.

Involving young people in the community

Community Rangers from Blue Bell Hill primary school and staff from Nottingham City Homes eating together prior to planning a local Clean Up event in St Ann's.

Blue Bell Hill primary school Community Rangers at Sycamore Dining
community bbq
Community BBQ's

We provide barbeques at community events to help us raise funds. The events vary in size from 50 people to our largest of 300 vegetarian meals. People of all ages attend these events, and food is a great way of getting people to visit these events. We are happy to provide quotes for community events.

bbq cooking
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