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These are our menu items, currently to keep it simple, just our daily special. It does have options


For recording what the customer has ordered ready for payment or invoicing

Total charge

This is automatically calculated

  1. Click on add a customer

  2. Search for customer (input first name)

  3. Select customer name if available or

  4. Click the + to add new customer

  5. Click on the item required from the item area

  6. Select the type of main course and type of pudding

  7. Adjust the quantity using the + or - at the bottom of the window

  8. Add any notes if required

  9. Click Add at the top right of the window

  10. If you need to change an item in the checkout area, click on it and it will reopen the item window. Make changes and click Save (top right) To remove the item change the quantity to 0

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